Harvest is the outcome of a social experiment, filmed over the duration of two hours, designed to explore and capture one of the fundamental concepts behind the album Ascension; the transitioning between one plain of consciousness to another. With dance being one the most primitive forms of human behaviour, we created a musical environment that shifted between five notions. Orchestrated with the intention of removing each individual from their bodies, from time and from their conscious state of awareness, to a state of catharsis and transcendence, we documented the language of movement that became the immediate dialogue of their subconscious, and in turn, witnessed the collective ascension of the group to pass into an altered state; a higher frequency and dimension of being and energy.


Beneath The Ice

Beneath The Ice is a psycho-emotional improvisation, a poem that in the act of its creation, navigates the subconscious through the intensity of loss, into a deep, eternal exhalation. This song is an ode to the moulting cycle of the poet, to the expansion of solitude, to the twilight that one lives inside, between the silence of stillness and movement.