London Show


Dear Friends,

Join us on the 17th of October at The Waiting Room for our London show hosted by Eat Your Own Ears. We have the beautiful Mally Harpaz from Anna Calvi on support and the tickets are free so make sure you don’t miss this one!


Lyrics As Poetry

My lyrics have been published in Volume. 3 of the beautiful book ‘Lyrics As Poetry’. I am very proud to be a part of this LA based journal, where lyrics can be appreciated on their own aesthetic merit. Catch them at The London Art Book fair from 5-8th September where they will be at The Whitechapel Gallery with copies. Also you can purchase the book on their website here

August Shows

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Before the end of this month, when summer falls away into Autumn, we are playing these shows:

23rd August - Stroud, St Laurence Church

25th August - Greenbelt Festival

29th August - Cafe Potrva, Prague

30th August - The Sound Of Bronkow Music Festival, Dresden


New Write Up

Thank you to Rob From Ban Ban Ton Ton for his words on Ascension.

Here’s a snippet from the full article: “Sometimes a melancholy tugging on Americana tropes. Epic, aching, forest fires, and explosions of Shoegaze vapor. Sunset resonance. Birds and cattle in its distance. Blues mantras broken out at the golden hour. Barefoot in a sanctuary, somewhere in Wales.”

Read the full article here

A Beautiful Review Of Our Muelle, Bilbao Concert

Thank you so much to Alfred Villaescusa, for his poignant, attentive and very detailed review featured on 'El Caleidoscopio' of our performance at Muelle, Bilbao earlier this month. 

"In a dream territory between Cigarettes After Sex, something by Kate Bush and the ethereal pomposity of Sigur Rós moves this couple with spiritual pretenses that spent a whole year touring Europe and expressed their experiences in a minimalistic and hypnotic debut, whose listening becomes Completely addictive once you get into your roll. A world in black and white far from the shrillness of the current era in which everything moves with a dizzying speed. The attitude of the sparse parish was one of absolute devotion, most of them sitting on the floor as if they were telling a story in the light of the moon. A cockatoo would have been ground to the ground. "The Sky Holds Our Years" rejoiced in the agony, while "Beneath The Ice" for its almost ambient air could easily enter a list of fundamental songs for intercourse. Or to listen at dawn alone, in those moments in which the majority sleep and glimpse the lit light of a room causes conjectures of different fur.
Feel a presence without paying attention to it. A revolution of silence that is taking positions without us noticing."

Click here to read the full article …

Photographs by Alfred Villaescusa

New Write Up


“There are these voices that capture you at first hearing and are simply unique - Rebecca Rose Harris, the singer of Samana, has just one voice. Just that it sounds like a crossover of other iconic singers. The power of PJ Harvey can be heard in it, the deep sadness of Nico and the purity of the voice of Hope Sandoval, the Mazzy Star singer.  Rebecca Harris' voice - that dark, sonorous voice that just can not get out of your head.”

A fragment from a write in German magazine NEØLYD on our music. Read the full article here!


Thank you so much Spain. You have been beautiful! A big thank you to Born Music Agency for the beautiful shows and thoughtful venues. Thank you to all who came to share the music, the emotion and the experience. Until next time! Photos of us taken by the wonderful Tom Stoke.

Castellón we are on our way and eagerly awaiting the beautiful evening that is upon us performing for the spring close of Sonscastello. Ascend with us this evening!