New Write Up


“There are these voices that capture you at first hearing and are simply unique - Rebecca Rose Harris, the singer of Samana, has just one voice. Just that it sounds like a crossover of other iconic singers. The power of PJ Harvey can be heard in it, the deep sadness of Nico and the purity of the voice of Hope Sandoval, the Mazzy Star singer.  Rebecca Harris' voice - that dark, sonorous voice that just can not get out of your head.”

A fragment from a write in German magazine NEØLYD on our music. Read the full article here!


Thank you so much Spain. You have been beautiful! A big thank you to Born Music Agency for the beautiful shows and thoughtful venues. Thank you to all who came to share the music, the emotion and the experience. Until next time! Photos of us taken by the wonderful Tom Stoke.

Castellón we are on our way and eagerly awaiting the beautiful evening that is upon us performing for the spring close of Sonscastello. Ascend with us this evening!


Ascension Album Launch

We had such a wonderful time on the 30th, aka Ascension day, celebrating in the beautiful energy of the evening. We want to say a huge thank you to all of you who came to support us on our album launch. It really meant the world! If you want to hear the album in its entirety it’s now available on all the streaming platforms here


Tune In To 1BTN

Samana, Samana music, Samana press shot, samana analogue photography

Tune in to 1BTN (101.4 FM on the DAB) from midday where we will be joining The FatCat Records Radio show, to speak about our debut album 'Ascension', with unheard songs from the record and a selection of our most treasured songs. See you there!



“Times burdened with all the civilisational gravity, sometimes free as a breeze, Samana have revealed the naturalness of their magnificent music”



Album Of The Week


A big thank you to Plattentests for the intricate review of our album 'Ascension' and to be their 'album of the week'. Click here to read the full article.

"It is somehow reassuring that the human mind establishes, locates, and locates references directly at first contact. Otherwise, one would be constantly speechless. So: Rebecca Rose Harris, multiple award-winning photographer and part of the duo Samana, has a voice that evokes associations and images. Imagine, for example, that Hope Sandoval would only appear with eyes framed in deep black kohl. Or Nico would have been deprived of her urban context, and she would now be wandering through mountainous landscapes and prairies. The lister lands in the middle of nature. You feel stunned by the songs, but always make out the contours of touching melodies in the fog."


The Vinyls Have Arrived!

Samana, Samana music, Samana album, Ascension, Ascension vinyl

We received the first batch of vinyl pressings for our debut album ‘Ascension’ with the synchronisation of all the flowers and buds exploding into bloom. To hold a manifestation of so many things spoken and unspoken in between our hands after years of hard work in complete solitude, pushing boundaries of mind and matter, is the greatest delight for us both. So Many depths of philosophies and conceptual notions have been woven into this album, both sonically and physically, with the intention to expand audience interaction with the music, emotionally and physically. Join us for our celebration of this release on the 30th May in Brighton - Ticket links are on the events page. Big bad world here we come…

Join us dear friend for our album launch party on the 30th May in Brighton


Samana Album Launch Party

Samana, Samana music, Samana album launch, Ascension, Ascension album, Samana album launch party

On Ascension Day - 30th May our album ‘Ascension’ is being released. To celebrate this, we are performing at The Latest Music Bar in Brighton for its launch! Make sure you save the date, and don't miss your chance to get your tickets. Come down and party with us!