Samana Album Launch Party

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On Ascension Day - 30th May our album ‘Ascension’ is being released. To celebrate this, we are performing at The Latest Music Bar in Brighton for its launch! Make sure you save the date, and don't miss your chance to get your tickets. Come down and party with us!


New Write Up


“It's not surprising to discover that they spent a year across Europe, having acquired a maturity that allows them to completely unpack in their music, which is posed, languorous, dark, but never teary, frozen or disturbing. On the contrary, there is always a certain intimate warmth, sometimes benevolent and mesmerizing, of this black and white music. A very nice duo which, I am sure, will receive all the light it deserves, especially on the scenes that should quickly welcome them with open arms. In contrast, listening to the headphones becomes a moving experience.”

You can read the wonderful full write up from Heepro here


The dialogue of the subconscious in a space shared by eight. Silence and sound bring the place beyond the horizon, beyond the cyan and the woodsmoke, beyond the amalgamation of beginnings and ends, beyond light and dark, joy and suffering. All placement and time, breath and movement woven into a single eternal knot through a psychological experiment of dance

Samana, Samana music, Harvest, Samana new single

Something Very Exciting Is Coming ...


There is HUGE news approaching
All will be revealed soon...

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. Every civilized human being, whatever his conscious development, is still an archaic man at the deeper levels of his psyche."
- Carl Jung


Can You Hear The Music?

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Thank you to the French music blog ‘Can You Hear The Music?’ for the beautiful and insightful write up on our music.

“Samana has a rare power from other times, a seraphic atmosphere bordering on esotericism, a journey that evokes ancient beliefs, fallen civilizations where the gods were legions. It's an age-old album, carried by the aerial voices of Rebecca Rose Harris and Franklin Mockett, who oscillates between melancholic ballads and spiritual experiences”

Read the full feature here