samana, samana music, samana road, Rebecca Rose Harris
Samana music, Rebecca Rose Harris photography, Samana Photography, Samana, Black and White Photography
Samana, Samana music, Rebecca Rose Harris Photography
Samana, Samana music, Ascension. Ascension album, Samana obelisk, ancient obelisk
Samana, Samana Music, Franklin Mockett, Ascension Album, Samana recording,
Samana music, Samana, Samana Photography, Analogue photography, Black and white, conceptual photography

Memories anchor us to the fabric of our lives like the ivy that holds together the construction of a stone wall. For every abstraction of beauty there is a story, a secret accountable for the histories, loves and losses of countless lives we shall never know. Like Autumn leaves we drift across the geography of our motherland, to seize the currents that lead us forth on our prospective journeys towards discovery, experience and beauty


Stills from the fifth stage (stillness) of the social dance experiment, conducted for the video of our single ‘Harvest’

Some things are as immovable as silence and remain as one


Our new single Harvest is now available for your discovery


Samana, Samana Music, Samana Ascension, Samana Album, Ascension, Ascension Album

Samana, Samana music, Samana Photography, Rebecca Rose Harris Photography
Samana, Samana Music, Franklin Mockett, Black and white photography,
Samana, Samana music, Rebecca Rose Harris Photography

Without a trace, 
And as pure as a selflessness 
Freedom leaves itself in the 
Gold of the closing day 
And the silver rise of the moon.
Instincts move beyond the wood
Like a hymn;
The old souls that recite the tune 
Walk like angels of the undergrowth

Samana, Samana Music, The eternal knot
Samana, Samana music, Obelisk, Ancient Symbol, The Eternal Knot, Samana Sculpture

We have erected an obelisk in a secret wild location. It is a significant part of a large body of work soon to be revealed. A sculpture that heeds signs as significant as daylight, interweaving the acknowledgment of ancient civilisations with the power of the subconscious, the spiritual and emotion.


Samana, Samana music, Rebecca Rose Harris Photography, Analogue Photography, Death

All is one, on breath. With the magnitude of what defies time and place. A relationship unscripted, that moves without separation, just as the dark pine leans into the wind, leaning into the voice of centuries. To hand yourself over to the promise of exchange; the act of giving and receiving; a dialogue that became an equilibrium in a time before beginning and end.


Samana Music, Samana, Samana Photography, Analogue Photography, Black and white photography
Samana, Samana music, Samana photography, The ocean
Samana, Samana music, Analogue Photography, Field of Flowers

A field of flowers, closing. Disappearing into darkness.

The scent of uprooted earth and pine, becoming the horizon.

Samana, Samana music, Samana band, haiku, Samana photography

February Haiku

The blue
is held
by the trees
that passes by
the moving window.

Samana, Samana Music, Samana Photography

The Art Of Letting Go

Samana, Beneath The Ice Lyrics, Samana Music
Samana, Samana Music, Samana Photography

Samana Music, Samana Photography, Rebecca Rose Harris

A white rose - a symbol that beauty resides in the most unexpected abstractions of corners. Sometimes all that is needed is an alteration of perspective, a moments contemplation, to reverse a written viewpoint or to reconsider a societies measure of what is considered the spectrum of ‘tangible’ beauty. A few years back, when we were travelling through the rural depths of Montenegro, we passed a slum. A display of those who survived without, of those who lived side by side with necessity, shoulder to shoulder with hardship. In the middle of this overcrowded, density of chaos, there grew the most perfect specimen of a single white rose I have ever encountered. Its stalk was resilient and unwavering, lifting the star-white plumage of petals high above the fences, above the cattle, above the soft trodden earth. In this space, between bordered land, between hand-constructed tin huts, it had been left alone, untouched, as if an unspoken understanding between all that resided there, that within all chaos there is a secret order, that within all seasons of difficulty, beauty shines regardless; That the measure of strength and of beauty exists in the eye of the beholder. In the knowledge of what is valued and what is respected in an individual life.

This I have never forgotten.


Samana, Samana Music, Samana Portrait,  black and white photography

“So the darkness shall be the light and the stillness the dancing”

- T.S Eliot

Samana, Samana Music, Samana Photography, Photography collage

“What is in motion is neither in the space where it is, nor in the space where it isn’t”

- Zeno of Elea

Samana, Samana Music, Samana band portrait, Analogue Photography
Samana, Samana Music, Samana Band, Analogue Photography, French Crucifix
Samana, Samana Music, Samana Photography, Samana Band, Black and white, Rebecca Rose Harris

Samana, Samana Music, Samana Band, Franklin Mockett, Dharma
Samana, Samana Music, Samana Live Session No.3, Samana Live


Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

- Plato


Harvesting apples from the last of Autumn’s abundance in the orchard. The season of change, when all does fall to the earth. A scattering of seeds and ripened fruit among a bed of geological golds.

Samana, Samana music,  gold, film photography, photography collage, black and white analogue photography, Rebecca Rose Harris

Skies move without influence, without pressure, injustice or a restlessness in wanting.

How one permanent sky can change you; clothe you in a feeling that is absent of an end.

Rebecca Rose Harris, Samana, Samana Music, analogue photography

Samana, Beneath The Ice, Samana music, Samana band, music video, abstract
Samana, samana music, beneath the ice, beneath the ice music video, music video, abstract


Photographs by Alex Knight

samana, samana music, samana Photography, abstract black and white, Rebecca Rose Harris

There is a wilderness in each of us

Samana, Samana music, Samana Photography, Rebecca Rose Harris, black and white analogue photography

Behind the inscriptions,

The vines cling to the country air,

Beyond the horizon,

Without witness, a birds song

Behind every interpretation to feather the darkness

Remains always, a portrait, longing.


Samana, Samana music, Franklin Mockett, Skating, skateboarding

A Symphony of Spring


Samana, Samana music, Samana Photography, Austrian Mountains

The Anatomy Of A Secret

Samana, Samana Music, Samana Photography, Double Exposed Film, Rebecca Rose Harris, Black and white

“In spite of language, in spite of intelligence and intuition and sympathy, one can never really communicate anything to anybody. The essential substance of every thought and feeling remains incommunicable, locked up in the impenetrable strong-room of the individual soul and body. Our life is a sentence of perpetual solitary confinement."

- Aldous Huxley 


The Divers of Dusseldorf Lake

Samana, Samana music, Samana photography, Travelling

Happy New Year!

Samana, Samana music, Photography, Rebecca Rose Harris, Portrait
Samana, Samana music, Samana Photography, Franklin Mockett Portrait
Samana, Samana Music, Samana band, Photography, Shadows, Black and White

Two bodies, two lives sharing the wings of a single bird upon the remains of a Bronze Age settlement


For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.

- Carl Sagan


Presented to the sky like an atom that simply distributes the weight of a cloud.

To pass through all that comes afterwards


Forget The Past


Autumn Silhouettes


Two Together Between Two Worlds


“I hold this to be the highest task of a bond between two people: that each should stand guard over the solitude of the other.” 

- Rainer Maria Rilke

Samana, Photography, Rebecca Rose Harris Portrait - Black and White
Samana, Samana music - Photography - Black and White - conceptual photography, abstract



This series of photographs document our time living in the remoteness of the Brecon Beacons




This series of photographs document our time living and writing on the roads of Europe.