Album Of The Week


A big thank you to Plattentests for the intricate review of our album 'Ascension' and to be their 'album of the week'. Click here to read the full article.

"It is somehow reassuring that the human mind establishes, locates, and locates references directly at first contact. Otherwise, one would be constantly speechless. So: Rebecca Rose Harris, multiple award-winning photographer and part of the duo Samana, has a voice that evokes associations and images. Imagine, for example, that Hope Sandoval would only appear with eyes framed in deep black kohl. Or Nico would have been deprived of her urban context, and she would now be wandering through mountainous landscapes and prairies. The lister lands in the middle of nature. You feel stunned by the songs, but always make out the contours of touching melodies in the fog."