A Beautiful Review Of Our Muelle, Bilbao Concert

Thank you so much to Alfred Villaescusa, for his poignant, attentive and very detailed review featured on 'El Caleidoscopio' of our performance at Muelle, Bilbao earlier this month. 

"In a dream territory between Cigarettes After Sex, something by Kate Bush and the ethereal pomposity of Sigur Rós moves this couple with spiritual pretenses that spent a whole year touring Europe and expressed their experiences in a minimalistic and hypnotic debut, whose listening becomes Completely addictive once you get into your roll. A world in black and white far from the shrillness of the current era in which everything moves with a dizzying speed. The attitude of the sparse parish was one of absolute devotion, most of them sitting on the floor as if they were telling a story in the light of the moon. A cockatoo would have been ground to the ground. "The Sky Holds Our Years" rejoiced in the agony, while "Beneath The Ice" for its almost ambient air could easily enter a list of fundamental songs for intercourse. Or to listen at dawn alone, in those moments in which the majority sleep and glimpse the lit light of a room causes conjectures of different fur.
Feel a presence without paying attention to it. A revolution of silence that is taking positions without us noticing."

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Photographs by Alfred Villaescusa